We have become the enemy

The Conservative movement in the US has become the exact same thing we fought against for so many years. Our leaders have gone from wanting to defeating the corruption in DC to becoming a part of the corruption.

Too many have set their goals on gaining control of the leadership of the GOP.  By doing so they are now using the exact same actions that the current  moderate leadership has been using for years.

Many would rather lose an election if the candidate is not part of their group than to help the GOP gain more control and working with in the  party. True the moderates have made it hard to move up in the party hierarchy by placing Conservatives in lesser position and keeping them out of a position of power.  But helping get Democrats elected does not help the Conservative movement.

We have Party leaders who have openly assisted Democrats to win elections in order to keep their sect in power or to help gain power in the party. They feel a weaken GOP will give them the best chance of gaining power. Unfortunately too many of our Conservative leaders have taken this same position.  They will rather see Democrats win elections so they can come back and blame it on the moderate wing of the party. Telling their voters back home that they are the only one’s who can solve this issue.

We may not all believe the same way on all issues, but we do in enough that we should be able to come together for the better good. We cannot be a party of single issue voters. There is too much that we do agree on that we cannot allow a single issue to divide us.

The GOP voters have spoken and the largest part has chosen Trump as our candidate. He may not have gotten over 50% of the votes, He may not agree with some on every subject. But he is the man that our voters went to the polls to select. Getting pissed because your man did not win and acting like a spoiled brat will not change that. But it will help get a Democrat elected . You can either come together as a party and get a least part of what you want. Or you can allow single issue positions effect your vote and by doing so you will be helping to elect a Democrat.

ANY Democrat in the White House next year will have long term effect on the future of the US. There will be a chance to structure the SCOTUS for another generation. As is the current liberal wing of the SCOTUS has made it know they will vote according to their personal views regardless of the letter of the law.

A case going before the SCOTUS this term has to do with a law in Texas which requires  abortion clinics to meet the same requirements as every oth4er medical clinic in the state. Does nothing to restrict abortion in any ways. It only makes sure that  the abortion clinic will be safe. Requiring them to meet the exact same requirement as you neighborhood minor medical care clinic that you go to instead of going to emergency room.

The liberal wing of the SCOTUS has already declared it DOA even before arguments have been heard. This is the type of mentality you will see on the court for another 30 years if we allow a Democrat to be elected to the  White House in November.

We MUST put aside our minor differences and get behind the candidate that the voters have chosen to carry our banner. Does not mean we believe the same way they did on all the issues. We just need to agree with them on enough issues to prevent the Democrats from taking the White House. The Democrat voters base is not energized at the numbers they need right now. We need to come together and use that to help us take back the White House but to maintain if not increase our control of teh House and Senate.

So GROW UP and do what we need to do in order to win the White House NOW and then come back in two years and get out in mas to get more Conservatives in the House and Senate. Win at the local level and take control of the local GOP by numbers and then move on and add out numbers to the National Party. .We cannot gain more control of the party  by allowing Democrats to win races.









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